Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tips On How To Maintained Or Lose Some Weight Without Dieting

A lot of us are diet conscious, often too picky on what we eat. Are you wondering why you tend to gain weight even though you’re cutting down on carbohydrates? Well blame it on our body’s metabolism. As we grow old our body’s capability to metabolize food slows down added by sedentary lifestyle, end product excess fat!  Usually found on tummy and thigh. Worry no more! Here are some tips on how to maintained or lose some weight without dieting.

Sleeping More Can Shed Weight

A study conducted by a researcher from Michigan reported that a person can drop 14 pounds in a year. “His scenario shows that when sleep replaces idle activities – and the usual mindless snacking – you can effortlessly cut calories by 6%. Results would vary for each person, but sleep may help in another way, too. There's evidence that getting too little sleep revs up your appetite, making you uncommonly hungry.”

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to shed your unwanted weight. Fruits and veggies are rich in fiber and water thus making you full with an intake of few calories.

Go Gaga On Soups

Soups are usually served beginning of a meal. It curbs your appetite and slows your eating. Why not try low sodium soups for a start. Beware of cream base one as it tends to be fatty and high in calories.

Whole Grain Craze

Oats, whole wheat, barley, and brown rice are examples of whole grain, like with vegetables it also help you fill full without consuming more calories plus it also improve in flushing out unwanted cholesterol in our blood.

Cut Back On Sugar

“Replace one sugary drink like regular soda with water or a zero-calorie seltzer and you'll avoid about 10 teaspoons of sugar”

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories. Alcohol contains 7g/cal compared to carbohydrates 4g/cal and protein 4g/cal.
Tip: When an occasion includes alcohol, follow the first drink with a nonalcoholic, low-calorie beverage like sparkling water instead of moving directly to another cocktail, beer, or glass of wine.

Go for Green Tea

Green tea has pythochemicals called cathecins w/c help the body to possibly increase the calorie-burning capabilities of our body making it a great weight loss strategy.

Eat Home Cooked Meals

Meals cooked at home are fresher; unlike with fast food meal it tends to have high sodium content. Sodium binds with water, making you look and feel bloated.

Shrink Your Plate


 “Chose a 10-inch lunch plate instead of a 12-inch dinner plate to automatically eat less. Cornell's Brian Wansink, PhD, found in test after test that people serve more and eat more food with larger dishes. Shrink your plate or bowl to cut out 100-200 calories a day – and 10-20 pounds in a year. In Wansink's tests, no one felt hungry or even noticed when tricks of the eye shaved 200 calories off their daily intake.”

Red Over White

When choosing a pasta sauce, it’s better to pick red (marinara) over white (alfredo). Tomato based sauce tend to have fewer calories and fat over cream based sauce.



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