Thursday, August 28, 2014

Speculoos Banana Grilled Cheese

Photo and Recipe: Bakeyourday


1 medium banana, sliced
2 tsp. honey
2 slices sandwich bread (I used Udi's Gluten Free)
2 Tbs. creamy Speculoos Spread
2 ounces cream cheese, thinly sliced


Heat a small skillet over medium-low heat. Add the banana slices and drizzle with honey. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until caramelized and golden brown. Remove from skillet and set aside.
Heat a griddle pan, panini press, or skillet over medium heat. Butter one side of each piece of bread. Place one piece of bread, butter side down, on the pan. Spread a thin layer (1 tablespoon) of Speculoos on the bread, top with the bananas and cream cheese. Spread the remaining Speculoos on top of the cream cheese, and place the other slice of bread on top of the cream cheese, butter side up.
Cook the sandwich for 3-4 minutes on each side until the bread is toasty and the cheese is melty.

Speculoos Doughnuts

Recipe and Photo: savorysimple

  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • ¼ cup Speculoos Spread
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon fresh grated nutmeg
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2⅔ cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup half and half or milk
  • 1 cup Speculoos Spread
  • ½ cup half and half or milk
  1. Preheat the oven to 435 degrees F. Grease 2 doughnut pans (I use baking spray with flour).
  2. In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment (or with a hand mixer), combine the butter, oil, Speculoos Spread and sugars until smooth.
  3. Add the eggs and mix until smooth, scraping down the sides of the bowl.
  4. Add the baking powder, baking soda, fresh nutmeg, salt and vanilla and mix until smooth.
  5. On low speed, alternate between adding the flour and half and half, finishing with the flour.
  6. Spoon the batter evenly into the doughnut pans. I recommend not filling them all the way, just slightly under.
  7. Bake for 10 minutes.
  8. While the doughnuts are baking, prepare the glaze by whisking the half and half into the Speculoos Spread. If using the powdered sugar, whisk the half and half into the sugar before combining with the cookie butter to avoid lumps.
  9. Remove from the oven, wait 5 minutes and then turn them onto a cooking rack.
  10. Either dip half of each doughnut into the glaze or drizzle the glaze over the doughnuts.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Speculoos Puffs

Recipe By: andresthehomebaker
Make approximately 6 puffs
You'll need:
1 sheet puff pastry, thawed
6 teaspoon Speculoos spread
1 egg, beaten as egg wash
Powdered sugar for garnish, optional

How to make Speculoos butter puff:
  1. Preheat oven to 200C. Line baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside.
  2. Cut puff pastry into desired shape using cookie cutter. I used heart-shape here.
  3. Spoon 1 teaspoon of Speculoos spread in the centre of your cutouts. 
  4. Brush the edge with egg wash and place another cutouts on top. Seal by pressing down with a fork.
  5. Brush the top of pastries with egg wash, bake in preheated oven for 15-18 minutes or until puffy and golden.
  6. Garnish with powdered sugar, serve with vanilla ice cream if desired.

Speculoos No-Bake Granola Bites

Recipe by: quietlioncreations
1/2c of Creamy Speculoos spread
1/2c vegan dark chocolate chips
1c oats
1/2c chopped dried dates
1/2c dried cranberries.


Step 1: Gather materials.
Add a heaping 1/2c of Speculoos spread (creamy) and a heaping 1/2c vegan dark chocolate chips into a double boiler.
In a mixing bowl, add 1c oats, 1/2c chopped dried dates, and 1/2c dried cranberries.
I used unsweetened natural dried cranberries; not the kind with sugar added!

Step 2: Fully melt the Speculoos/chocolate in the double boiler over low heat. When melted, pull off heat and add a dash of vanilla extract.
Add the hot chocolate mix to the dried fruits and oats.

Step 3: Simply stir and fold, mixing all the chocolate in with the oats and fruits.

Step 4: Take a scant handful of dough and roll/press into balls. I made 21 cookies with my batch. Depending on the size you may have more or less cookies! I put mine on a parchment paper-lined plate.
Finally, take a small little pinch of Himilayan pink salt and press on to the top of each cookie.

Store in the fridge. Eat within a week!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Speculoos Tagalongs

Recipe and Photo Credits: Somethingswanky

  • Buttery Round Crackers
  • Speculoos Spread      (crunchy or creamy)
  • Melting Chocolate wafers, melted
  1. Scoop a tablespoon of Speculoos on top of a Ritz Cracker.
  2. Freeze for 5 minutes.
  3. Place cracker in the melted chocolate and scoop chocolate over top to "dip." Use a fork to lift it out, tapping gently on the edge of the bowl to release excess chocolate. Slide covered cracker onto a silicone mat or parchment paper to cool and harden (about 10 minutes).
  4. Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.
I scooped very HEAPING tablespoons on top of my crackers, and I managed to get 10 total using one jar of Speculoos.