Thursday, August 7, 2014

Speculoos No-Bake Granola Bites

Recipe by: quietlioncreations
1/2c of Creamy Speculoos spread
1/2c vegan dark chocolate chips
1c oats
1/2c chopped dried dates
1/2c dried cranberries.


Step 1: Gather materials.
Add a heaping 1/2c of Speculoos spread (creamy) and a heaping 1/2c vegan dark chocolate chips into a double boiler.
In a mixing bowl, add 1c oats, 1/2c chopped dried dates, and 1/2c dried cranberries.
I used unsweetened natural dried cranberries; not the kind with sugar added!

Step 2: Fully melt the Speculoos/chocolate in the double boiler over low heat. When melted, pull off heat and add a dash of vanilla extract.
Add the hot chocolate mix to the dried fruits and oats.

Step 3: Simply stir and fold, mixing all the chocolate in with the oats and fruits.

Step 4: Take a scant handful of dough and roll/press into balls. I made 21 cookies with my batch. Depending on the size you may have more or less cookies! I put mine on a parchment paper-lined plate.
Finally, take a small little pinch of Himilayan pink salt and press on to the top of each cookie.

Store in the fridge. Eat within a week!

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